Donations to the Marion Polk Yamhill Foster Parent Association go to help provide support for foster parents and families and to fund projects that improve the quality of foster parenting and their care of youth.

via PayPal

Thank you very much for supporting Marion Polk and Yamhill foster families! Please print and retain your PayPal receipt as confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.

pay membership dues

Every foster parent in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties is automatically a member of this association regardless of what agency they foster for. To receive the benefits listed on our benefits page we require a paid membership. Membership dues are good from November 1 through October 31 regardless of when in the year they are paid. Your $25 payment can be made via PayPal or by mail with your printed membership form.

Dues are $25, membership application can be submitted via email, or printed and mailed to the Association at the address below.

Your $25 payment can be submitted with the membership form to:
Marion Polk Yamhill Foster Parent Association
P.O. Box 13875
Salem, Or 97309